Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a weekend....

A lot going on. We are getting ready for Fall, putting up decorations and making some new ones. Trying to get everything in line for the big party this next weekend.

We got to go and visit with our friends from Northland Buddies last night. They have a picnic at Macon park each year and we got to attend it this year. We got to see Cole and Alex and Katie. We met some new friends too. A lot of these families followed us while we were in Boston. Again amazing how strangers become our families!!!

Today I am off to my moms to drop garage sale stuff and continue marking things off my TO DO list.
P.S. Alex is in the wagon with Tucker. I met Alex's parent when I was pregnant at the Buddy walk in 2005. At that time Regina was pregnant as well, with Alex. Now the boys go to daycare together and have kind of grown up together. AND I get to watch Alex Friday night!! YEAH! I am very excited. I cannot get over how much our boys have grown.
Cole's parents I met while out in Boston. They are the giver of the lucky socks. We got to meet them face to face a few times now.....what a great family!!! Foster parents who adopted Cole and continue to give back.
OH and Tucker thought he could climb that tree he has his foot up on.


Anonymous said...

Awe! This is great! Tucker, Alex and Cole all have special places in my heart! What a great summer it was working with all of them!

So glad to see Tucker is out and about in the world! =)

Anonymous said...

He looks great!! I am happy things are going well your way. I think of you guys every day.

Heart Hugs. alyssa

Miss. Lisa said...

I remember Alex, Tucker and Cole from working at NEEC. I actually saw Alex at Liberty Fall Festival this weekend. It was like old home days seeing these guys. Tucker looks awesome and I am glad he is able to get out and be with his friends again.

kimk said...

Tucker lookes great!!! so glad you guys had a good weekend!!