Friday, September 18, 2009

Sorry...its been a few days.

OK, so all is well here. Tucker continues to gain strength and amazes us each day. We had a check up with our pediatrician and he weighed...drum roll please 32 pounds 9 oz and was 2 foot 11 inches long!!! Chest sounds good, no crackles, pulses and oxygen ...GOOD!!! We follow up again with cardiology next Friday and we have feeding team appointment on Tuesday to see if we can get rid of the thick-it. Fingers crossed we will be able to.

I was planning on sending Tuck back to school next week but Dr B thought it a good idea to wait until he can get the flu and H1N1 vaccines. She is afraid that this season is going to be bad and we don't need to take a step back with an illness. Todd and I are OK with that-although we were looking forward to getting back to our normal schedules.....but better safe than sorry that is for sure. SOOO, it will be October before we get him back into school.

We have had company for a while now. Brett and Sheena came up last weekend and Grandma Bryant and Grannie Hickman came up on Tuesday and are still here. Grannie took a fall yesterday coming in from our deck and broke her pelvis. She is in the hospital here in town. She is 91 yo and NEVER spent a night in the hospital before!!! She is an amazing women...I love to hear the stories she tells. She had all 4 of her children at home, went to work after setting her own broken ankle, and she makes the best homemade bread...she is a rock. (keep her in your prayers please, this break doesn't require surgery but is very painful)

Hunter was nominated for Homecoming attendant so we are on the hunt for a dress, and the "hair style" to wear and ...the flip flops (ha ha) she will wear. (yeah she thought she would wear a pair of flip flops since she cannot walk in heals...that's my tom girl!) Maybe I can decorate her a nice pair with rhinestones. LOL

I have a whole list of things to accomplish this weekend, don't know how much I will get done but I at least have to get birthday party invites out....and I really wanted to get the scrapbook of Boston done since I have all the pictures printed maybe I can get those two things, if nothing else. The weekend should be an at-home kind of weekend minus the trips to the hospital to see Grannie. Oh and I have to work a few hours tomorrow, oh and go and see my moms new place on Sunday...but other than that...(hee hee hee--such is life right!)

Happy weekend everyone!!!!

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Erin said...

Your daughter is SO smart to wear flip flops to a dance . . .feet saver :) I hope Tucker keeps getting stronger and I am sure it is hard to wait for him to get back to school and you back to your lives but man preschoolers have a LOT of germs. My kiddos keep sneezing and I get out the Lysol and hand sanitizer. Sounds like life is busy but blessed :)