Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moving day!

I know yesterday mornings blog was labeled "Darn It!!", but we actually got to move to 8 East, the floor, last night around 6:30!! Our doctor came in and said "I have been looking through your chart and there is no reason for me to hold you here, so we are going to move you." Of course my question was "Tonight!!" And the answer was YES!!! So, we packed our things up in like 15 minutes, and believe me, we had a lot of stuff. When we left, you should have seen the Tucker supporters. All of the nurses and the parents that we have become friends with were all waving as we marched by. Since our room was the very last one, we had to pass them all. Tucker was his usuall friendly self, waving to them all. Is so amazing how these kids touch our hearts. Most of them can't even talk yet, but they sure speak to our hearts. We pray that each and every one of them make to the floor soon.

So, we had our first night in the regular room. It wasn't too bad, just getting used to the new sounds and people in and out of our room at all times of the night. Tucker slept fine. He went to sleep around 9:30 or so. We finally have a TV that we can play his videos on and he seemed to really enjoy it. We were very luck and have a private room. I guess they figured we have spent hundred of thousands of dollars, we should at least get a private room. Thank goodness for insurance!!

Karen comes back today, she will be here around noon today and will hopefully only have to stay a couple of weeks. My goal while she was gone was to have Tucker in a regular room before she returned and we have met that goal so far. (Don't want to jinx anything, so that's all I have to say about that). I will be leaving tomorrow morning around 10 so I can be back home with Hunter, who starts high school today, and get back to work.

I didn't get a very good video of us leaving the ICU, but I have a little one of the nurses and assistants getting us settled into our new room, enjoy!! The other picture is of our nurse Katie. She went with us for our daily walk to the park.


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