Monday, August 31, 2009


Monday again in beautiful Boston! (little sarcasm there but it is nice today)I did some laundry, had a chest xray (which looks great), went to the financial counselor office to give them our new insurance that starts tomorrow (that was fun), Tucker ate some McDees cheeseburger (yeah) and he is still napping after 2 hours. All very good things! When he wakes we will go outside and hit the stairs to the slide and maybe , just maybe, today we will slide down. He has been jabbering again today. He held the phone for a good 10 minutes while the nurse did his medicine, telling no one (because no one was on it) everything about what was going on. It was like he was tattle tailing on her and every once in a while he would giggle and put the phone down only to pick it up again and start right back on the conversation. He is too darn cute. His eyes are looking better, his eyes have always told his story and they are slowly coming to life again.

I hit the grocery store for some gogurt, some xtreme pizza gold fish, some squeeze cheese and a much needed insulated cup. Here they give you a 4 oz cup that the ice melts so quickly in it is I was on the hunt...and I found one. (I am one to have a cup FULL of ice with only 2 fluid ounces in...but I gotta have it cold) I think I will pass the cup along as I exit my stay in Boston. Other moms, I am sure, go through this same problem. THIRST.....and not enough cup to quench it.

I have some very adorable pictures but no way to download them at this time...I am working on that though.

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great. Praise God for all his Blessings and especially for this one. He is so cute, and I think he knows it. Love you all, and am so happy for the great progress. Love Mary Ellen