Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Goes On Around US..

While sitting here waiting for Tucker to wake up so we can get out in the stroller again, I was thinking of all the things we have gone through. Seems like we have been busy for years with our little man and his numerous hospital trips. Hopefully, that is coming to an end after this trip to Boston for our whole heart repair. What we seem to place on the back burner while our Tucker is getting well, and of course no complaints by the the kids, is the accomplishments of the rest of the family:

Sheena, 21, is starting her Senior year at UCM, formerly known as Central Missouri State University. She is going to be an elementary school teacher. She has just moved into a house with 4 other girls who also attend UCM. She has been working and paying her own bills and just recently purchased a new car. She has become a great strength to Karen and I in times of need.

Brett, 19, is in San Diego finishing up his Marine Corp Mortar Man training at Camp Pendelton and will return home around the 1st of September. While in San Diego, he broke his foot and has been delayed for a month while it healed. Since he is in the reserves, he will return home and go back to college and finish up his degree. Not sure yet what he wants to be when he grows up. He is talking about getting his degree and becoming an officer in the Marines if he decides to stay in the military.

Hunter, 14, is starting her Freshman year in high school. She and Karen went to her new school for orientation last week. She got her first high school locker and put all her new school supplies in it. How exciting. She is talking about playing volleyball and basketball. She loves Grays Anatomy and is talking about becoming a doctor. I remember my Freshman year. My family moved from Chillicothe to Lincoln, Missouri and boy was I excited and nervous about starting a new school with no friends. All the high school drama.

Karen, age unknown, is such a caring mother and wonderful person. She is a loving wife and best friend to me and what a friend she is to those who know her. Not a thing in the world she wouldn't do for her family or anyone who asks.

How the time has flown by with our family. I am sure everyone feels the same. We get into our work and lives and before you know it, your family is all grown up and gone. Just like Trace Adkins says, "You're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back!!" I guess I just want to tell my family how proud I am of them. I know I don't say it nearly enough, but you mean the world to me!! Thanks for being there for us through the easy and the extremely difficult times. I love you!!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

And they are so lucky to have you as a father and husband. I am so impressed that you have been updating so much. Great job! I feel a Daddy Blog coming on. :)

kimk said...

Isnt wonderful how siblings take the back burner and let the one who needs the attention, get it...Tucker is blessed to have such great siblings, You are right to be so proud! Tucker has a great mom and dad...he is in the right family, just the perfect family to love him without limit, and took the leap of faith needed to give him a whole heart, a full life...and you have all landed from that leap, just have to dust yourselves off and go on with a whistle...
Thank you Lord!

Anonymous said...

Yes Todd I always thought you would be a good Father,& Husband, and this has been the test, hasn't it? God will always be there and He loves all of you and Tucker is so Blessed to be in your family's care. I can't wait to meet him. Thank You Lord, Love Mary Ellen