Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quiet night

As we all know, I had an awesome nurse that took very good care of Tuck for me last night. She was very attentive, moving his legs, holding them to his belly, trying to stimulate the GRANDE poop that we need. He did have a few small ones, but mostly the result of the enemas that he received yesterday and the day before. His belly is usually around 51, last night it was 57.5 !! BIG!! Very uncomfortable for him I am completely sure.

I am sure nothing will change today. They will continue to try to get the bowels to move...prune juice was ordered this morning. We will just hang where we are until that happens. Our oxygen level is down due to the size of the belly, it is up against the diaphragm causing shallow breath. The example is, is at Thanksgiving when we all eat too much and we have a hard time breathing....that is what is happening to Tuck. SOOOOO....still praying for Poop!!! Anyone know a POOP dance? Kim? Suggestions for a poop dance? Maybe your kids know one--besides the run and hide because there is poop. (HEE HEE)

So, I have posted a picture. This is the view of our room from the street. I think people are probably saying....I wonder who Tucker is....God hears all of our thoughts right. More people thinking his name......always good!!

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I love the window sign!!! That is very cool!

I hope his bowels get to moving today, poor guy. *hugs*