Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our house....

So, I thought I would share a picture of our "home" in Boston. Just a few of the room, where we hang out . I added some "decor" today. Construction paper hearts all over the room, a WE love TUCKER banner from mom, and tomorrow a mobile to hang over Tuck's bed of hearts with our faces on them.

Today was a day of small advances, one being he did the ventilator on pressure support only, which is when the ventilator only gives him help as he breathes himself. Back pressure to help fill the lungs to the appropriate place before expelling. He did this all day on his own, over all sedation. They took him off to rest for the night but will put him back on it tomorrow. We just had a POOPY diaper......yeah yeah yeah...and lots of gas after that. He was agitated all day, couldnt get comfy and I thought it had something to do with his belly....he was throwing his feet down on the bed, over and over again, not like him. So they gave him a fleet enema this morning and it is finally kicking in and he has been much nicer tonight on his awake times. I even got to turn on the music and roll him on his side, both he has not been able to tolerate til now. The sedation doses went up again today and more than likely will continue to go up until we can take the drip sedation drugs away. Unsure how long that will be or take.

Hunter is coming back out Sunday. I , we, miss her so much. It will be nice to have her as a distraction and I am sure Bubba will be glad to here her voice and see her when he wakes up. They are the bestest of buddies.
OH and Tucker officially went "down under" today.....we have Australia praying for Tucker!! It is so amazing how many lives Tucker has touched.... and continues to touch each day.

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