Monday, July 20, 2009


WOW, how the time flies. Monday again.....lets see that is 4 Mondays now..I think. I lose track of time. Anyway. Weekends around the hospital are pretty low key, nothing changing much. We did try to let Tucker do some sprints yesterday, that is time on the vent with just pressure support, in short amounts of time with rest intervals inbetween. He lost his oxygen each time, taking more and more time to recover. Today we will just take a step back...put the epi back on to increase his blood pressure that will help him pee once again, and stay on the vent with a rate and no sprints. We had actually gotten the epi turned off yesterday..but chest xray looks more wet today. Epi helps heart function by increasing blood pressure...Tucker really likes the increased blood pressure right now. So, it was turned back on and we once again pray for PEE and for strength to endure.

Hunter gets in at 10am. Todd is going to get will be a nice distraction to have the drama queen back in our lives. :)


kimk said...

Tucker time! prayers!

Tina Barrett said...

Whatever that WHOLE HEART needs! I'll bet he'll be happy to see his sister today! The girls were always great medicine for Anna!

Lots of Prayers!

rennofamily said...

We are thinking of you and praying for you daily. Our I heart Tucker shirts are on the way too!! We look forward to wearing them when you get home. Think positive! :)

Anonymous said...

Always thinking of Tucker -- and have not quit praying for him. Remember not everyday we get to take a step forward, but the steps forward come, we just have to wait. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Stephanie Lynch