Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 4-1-1

Hello my Peeps. (hee hee)

The night started out with a little fireworks of our own. Tucker kept his pressures even when very agitated before bedtime. They ended up giving him a TON (and I a mean a ton...morphine, versed, adavan, and some clorafil)of sedation to get him to calm down and sleep. Then his pressure dropped very quickly, as soon as it all hit his system. So it was up on volume and up on the dopamine, his blood pressure med. He finally leveled off and went to sleep. The doctor tonight said it was amazing how much sedation it takes T21 kiddos...and it doesn't last very long either.

He has been quiet all night since. We were put on antibiotics for the fever, just in case. (the fever is actually gone this morning) We have the start of a bumpy rash on our side, under our chin and in our diaper area. They are thinking yeast from laying in the some powder was ordered for those areas.

I believe the agenda today is to get all the lines out of his chest now that his is off paralytic. The longer they are in, the bigger the chance of infection. The urine cath will also be pulled today and diapers will be used. (thank goodness..that has got to be uncomfortable as well) As these things come off and there are fewer things to hurt the sedation will slowly be lifted. Then the ventilator will be chipped slowly away for extibation. All of these things are things to come....but we have made a huge step in staying off the paralytic!! HUGE.

Thank you everyone for the Candi said. "god is probably saying OK OK, I hear you" with everyone praying for him.....and that is an awesome awesome thought.


kimk said...

I prayed alot through the night! Tucker stayed on my mind, so happy to hear positive news!!
So I will keep praying all day today...yes God hear all these shouts! and He loves how we show how much we love each other (dont you love to see your kids stick up for each other!)
We love you Tucker!!! You will feel much better soon...go away ucky lines!!!

Cammie Heflin said...

Glad to hear that he got some rest and things are starting to be removed! I always love it when something is removed from Addy, I know that is one more step closer to home!

Unknown said...

Great news to hear. Yeah Tuck! I hope you are able to breathe a little easier! Can't wait to hear it's all out and you are on your way home!