Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tucker's Surgery Updates

Update #9 8:11am on Friday Morning (9:11am Boston):
Tucker had a fairly quiet night after surgery. His blood pressure was a little low and so this morning he is currently undergoing a transfusion. Mommy said she may have time to update with more details soon.

Remember to keep checking Twitter for small updates through the day. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful prayers!

Update #9 10:45pm (11:45 Boston):
Tucker, 11:45pm Eastern, 06/25/2009

I know I said no more updates, but I couldn't resist.

Look at this handsome little guy!! This is a cell phone pic but I know Mommy and Daddy are taking tons more with the digital. Hopefully we can get some more in the coming days.

Urine output is fantastic and there is little draining from his chest. I want to also let you know that Tucker came off of Bypass fine and did not need any assistance with ECMO or anything. All of those tubes are draining his chest and supplying a little extra O2.

Update #8 8:34pm (9:34 Boston):
Tucker is out of surgery!! Yay!! Karen and Todd and sisters have not seen him yet but they will within a few minutes. Tucker will be moved to his room shortly as well. So here are the details.

There were NO SURPRISES during the Whole Heart Repair. Dr. Del Nido said it went very smoothly and very well. Tucker is currently at 100% O2 which is awesome. he's never been able to reach that even when on assisted O2. So that is wonderful!

The left side, which was the "bad" side of his heart, is performing very well. It's learning how to operate and pump the blood through. Before, the right side was doing all of the work.

Both sides of the heart are doing what they should, however, the pressure in his heart is a little high still. This will correct itself once the right side realizes it doesn't have to do all of the work and when the left side starts growing bigger and stronger. The high pressure is normal but is being monitored of course.

Tucker will remain heavily sedated for the next 3-4 days. They want him to be still and relaxed and let his "new" heart learn to work the proper way; to heal. Tucker is also in-tubated and will remain so until he's awake and they are sure everything is progressing as it should.

And finally, another VERY GOOD piece of info, Dr. Del Nido is sending Tucker into recovery with his CHEST CLOSED. This is fantastic!! The doctor felt that everything went so well that there was no need to keep Tucker's chest open for the next day or so. In Tucker's previous open heart surgiries, his chest was open for a couple of days after.

So, that's what I have thus far. It's been a long day and it was nice to hear the relief in Karen's voice. We are so happy that things went so well. Unless something comes up and The Bryant's feel the need for an update, I will not post any more updates until Friday morning.

The next 24-28 hours are going to be critical. Tucker will be monitored very closely. PLEASE keep those wonderful thoughts and prayers coming his way.

Update #7 5:56pm (6:56pm Boston):
Tucker has come off Bypass. The surgeon will be out to speak to the family within the hour. At that point I am sure we will have more info to report, specifically in regards to how the surgery went.
Update #6 3:45pm (4:45pm Boston):
Tucker went on Bypass about 10 minutes ago. Tucker's heart is being worked on now.

Update #5 2:46pm (3:46pm Boston):
Surgeons are still dissecting. Tucker has not been placed on Heart and Lung machine yet.

Update #4 2:25pm (3:25pm Boston):
There has not been any additional information since the incision. Karen and family are hanging out in the waiting room "eating junk food and watching Grease 2".

I'm going to take this update and pass on some important info about what to send Tucker and his family if you choose to do so.
First things first, NO FLOWERS will be allowed in Tucker's room. Please do not send flowers. Balloons, Cards, Toys and Stuffed Animals will be okay.

Other things you might consider sending the Bryant Family are fruit baskets, goodie bags, and meals. There is a Bertucci's accross the street from the hospital that will deliver. (Blackfan Circle) We all know how hospital food can be sometimes.
There is also a CVS available to them and gift cards might be a nice idea for any snacks or such that they need.

And finally, to help pinpoint a time frame, Tucker's Whole Heart Repair will take around 6 hours. Give or take. With that in mind, it could be around 7pm (8pm Boston) before he is out of the OR.

Update #3 1:10pm (2:10pm Boston):
The first incision has been made on Tucker in the OR.

Many of you are asking about an addy to send flowers, cards, balloons and gifts. This will be fantastic, but please wait to send anything until Tucker is out of surgery and recovery and has been placed in a room. Boston Children's is a massive hospital and the staff will be running all over trying to locate him. Once Tucker gets his very own room, I will make the info available. Thank you!

Update #2 12:05pm (1:05pm Boston):
The time has come and Tucker has been taken back to the OR.

Update #1 11:56am (12:56pm in Boston):
Tucker and his family are waiting to be taken back for surgery. Tucker was doing good this morning with the exception of a slight fever. They believe the fever is from the 14 coils put into his heart yesterday. The fever is common after heart coils are placed.

As soon as Tucker goes back to the OR, I'll update. Keep the prayers coming.


The Hutchinson's said...

Kramer and her family have Tucker in our prayers. Looking forward to your return to NEEC!

Megan said...

Wonderful news!! Love and prayers to the Bryant family

brad and tracy said...

that is all good news, we will continue to pray for you guys.

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...


Although I haven't posted lately, doesn't mean you guys haven't been in my prayers. I have been thinking about this day, well, it seems like forever now. I just haven't found the time to get onto the computer lately, but your blog was the first one I came to.

I started crying immediately while reading the updates. I am soooo happy (understatement) for Tucker, as well as your family. What a trooper. He is absolutely beautiful and I know more good things have yet to come...and it all started by you posting about this particular heart surgery. Do you realize how many families you are helping???

You are absolutely amazing...not to mention beautiful. You hang in there. You have such a special place in my heart and I am so happy that YOUR heart is now WHOLE!!! I will continue to pray for you and pray that you feel NO pain as you heal. I am so proud of you, your strength and bravery. I love you!!! Get well soon!!!


Sharon said...

Thank you so much for the updates. I have been thinking of sweet Tucker all day!