Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Packing--10 days left

So I need to start the packing process and thanks to a few that have gone before me some very good ideas that would not have been packed.....
1. flip flops for the shower (da but would have forgotten them)
2. washclothes-colored ones (they use white in the hospital for EVERYTHING...bottoms of dirty babies and everything)
3. wipes (since they use washclothes to clean baby bottoms I will take wipes so Tucker doesnt have problems with diaper rash)
4. a tape recorder....for taping conversations and results of tests. Good to go back and listen to later. under stress we hear some things and leave others unheard....never thought of this but very good idea.
5. WARM CLOTHES...I guess they will keep Tucker cold for a few days, the temp in the room below his heart just pumps to his organs and not to his body--letting it rest and get used to the new plumbing. Very scary I am told to see...I am told I have not yet seen PURPLE until I see Tucker on "ice".

These are just a few things they have informed me of....I am so grateful to my support system. I am sad that they had to learn through experience but am glad to have them on my a resource, as great friends! Wonderful mothers of Will, Anna, Luke, and Gabe...all Boston travelers, all successful heart repairs by Del nido.

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Carey said...

oh my gosh! Purple? you're so brave! good idea w/ the tape recorder, wish i would have thought of that! We'll be following you every step of the way!