Saturday, June 27, 2009

much of the same....

Rounds went pretty much the same. Today they will keep Tuck sedated however they are going to up morphine, taking away the versed drip which causes hypotension(low blood pressure). They also put some more diaretic on board to help the "pee" process. He is holding some fluid so he needs to pee it off. More out than today pray for PEE!!!

They think they will start waking him tomorrow, that may change is day by day and ever so slow making sure Tucker is ready. I am sure all of you remember the saying "Tucker time"....we are all on Tucker time now. I so want to hold him, kiss him and here him say "mom" "mom" "mom" repeatedly until I answer.....and to see his smile. When the smile comes then we will know he is better......

The sun is finally shining here. My "bed" is a cutout with windows all around, it sets on the edge of Tuckmans the sun will be nice to see today. I will post a little later as well....for now all is quiet.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Tucker Time, we know it so well.
I hope today is a "slow" day too. Rest is good for him as long as he's compfy.

Feel better. Take it easy. *hugs*
Oh and I sent you a ton of emails, k?