Monday, June 08, 2009

Hunter will kill me for telling...but toooo funny!!!!

Hunter, 14yo-all about boys, daughter attends her first day of summer school….AS A FRESHMEN today. (tear) She is taking a PE class which will give her ½ a credit. First thing is she wears FLIP FLOPS to school because they match her outfit..gotta look good for first day with upper classmen even if it is PE right? Anyway. So she calls me when she gets home. Starts telling me about all these HOT guys, that people actually knew her, talked to her, and on and on. Then she proceeds to tell me that this one hot guy, Tyler, waved at her…pointed and waved. She said “Mom I even turned around first to see if he was waving at some other girl that was possibly behind me.” Hee hee...I said “Did you really?”….”well ya, I wanted to make sure he was waving at me”…..

Hunter has a very good friend, Miranda, who comes to the house often. Miranda is moving and going to another school next year but they have made plans to go to the same college, they have a list of rules that they have to live by, they have travel plans made….the whole 9 yards! Anyway, Hunter was folding laundry and Miranda and I were chatting….talking about the rules that they have made up. (I mean a detailed list of rules, like they have to eat Chinese food once every week, and the guys they date cant have facial hair (unless it makes them HOT), they can have messy rooms…)….so we are talking and I don’t remember how it comes up but we talk about sneaking out….Miranda says, “I have never done that”. Hunter proceeds to say, as she is folding the laundry not really thinking about what she is saying, “ I haven’t either, mom doesn’t allow me to sneak out”…..THANK GOODNESS!!!! That means she will not be having premarital sex, smoke drugs, drink alcohol, or anything else I tell her not to do….. we all LOST it….laughing. Thank goodness my daughter doesn’t go against what her mother says……


Zachery&Allie*Mommy said... you dont' allow her to sneak out?!! whats up with that:) that's to funny, Just let me know if your coiming up this weekend still I'm still prayin for Tucker to stay healthy

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

lol! Thank goodness for now...she's not driving yet. Haha!