Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Countdown...17 days left

I found out at 21 weeks that we were having a BOY!!! After having a girl a boy was a SWEET gift. They just had to be easier to raise than a drama queen.
At that same appointment I got to see Tucker’s toes, his heart, his nose that looks like mine. He was moving and growing at the right rate. I was over 35, barely, so close “watchful” eyes were upon this pregnancy.

At this same appointment a well trained eye saw a problem, a few signs…a heart with a hole in it, a “sandal” toe, thickening of the neck. I thought the “sandal” toe was so darn cute….the big toe hanging out there, separate from the others. We got sonogram pictures of it….he was so perfect!!!

It is amazing how, to the untrained, loving mother, cant wait to hold him and love him eyes, we see NO wrong. I didn’t see anything they did….just a boy that would take my heart and run with it.
I think Tucker sees the world as a loving mother does her unborn child and what a great thing that is. Maybe if we all did that, maybe this world would be a better place

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kimk said...

I saw Will's sandale toe too...adorable! Still is!
and Tucker is perfect!!