Friday, June 05, 2009

The countdown....16 days to go

The only requirement I asked of Tucker while he was in the womb was to make sure he screamed, very loudly when he made his entrance into this world. I would rub my belly and remind him of his one duty…..let mommy know you are OK, make sure you use those lungs…give me a good cry.

When I went into labor, Chiefs opening day on Sept 11, 2005….we were watching the ball game between contractions. Everyone in my family was in the room; my Grandmother from New York was in town, nieces, nephews….everyone was there to support us and our journey with Tucker.
I can remember everyone being scattered when it was finally time to push…Tucker’s team of doctors coming in and the hush that came over them standing in the corner waiting for the delivery.

I got to hold Tucker twice before they rushed him out of the room and into the NICU for observation and preparation for transportation to the Children’s hospital. I can still remember…he was wrapped like a papoose, tight as can be, white hat on his head…he opened his eyes and stopped crying as soon as he was handed to me. "Hello baby boy....sweet sweet boy" I whispered to him...... OHHH those eyes….his eyes say it all. He takes everything in, looks into your soul almost….it was the first time but not the last that his eyes would calm us.


kimk said...

sniff sniff

military76brat said...

Tucker is such a cutie, and you are right, his eyes tell it all and can see it all! I can see all the love that cute little boy has inside of him and not only the love but how much of a fighter he is! Give Tucker my love and tell him that he is in my nightly prayers!