Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Days LEFT.....

For a long time now Tucker has given kisses, sometimes you really have to work on him to get one, most of the time they have been “open mouth, lips on cheek” kisses. Just recently he has learned to pucker and give real kisses. Never has he asked to give you one….except last night. He was watching his movie and he wanted me to sit with him…so I did like a good mommy should. As I got to the floor, pretzel in one had, he said “isss” and gave me a kiss. He gave kisses last night over and over again as Todd and I were saying goodnight, he didn’t want to have everyone else kissing and not him, so it became a game…..he would get kisses every other one. Sissy has started requiring kisses before piggy back rides, or play….she tells him, “one more kiss, one more kiss” then he just starts kissing her over and over on the cheek…. What an awesome feeling, to deserve and receive a KISS from Tuck man…..

(so many things come with a kiss, the act itself requires many muscles, years of therapy for Tuck…..and WE get to reap the benefit.)

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kimk said...

hey! I want one of those!