Thursday, May 14, 2009

I.E.P-Individualized Education Program

This goes into how Tucker's disability affects his involvement and progress in the general education curriculum; or in preschool children, participation in age -appropriate activities. Even though Tucker lacks in speech his outgoing personality draws in both adults and peers and fosters more interactions.
Strengths: Tucker has relatively good auditory perception. Tucker can throw a small ball overhand for at least five feet. Tucker loves books and music. He is very happy and personable. Tucker is very social and often uses greetings and farewells with other people. He is much more independent in moving throughout the building and to and from the bus. Tucker has a great drive to learn and do.

This is the part I loves Changes in current functioning of the child since the initial or prior IEP.
Tucker has made great improvements in his speech and language abilities. Tucker is producing and imitating more words. He sometimes uses spontaneous verbalization's and always verbalizes upon request and/or with other prompting. Tucker has been using picture communication in Speech. He picks up his book and carries it to the speech room. He is making basic, structured 3-word sentences on a sentence strip and then giving to the person he is requesting something from. Tucker is prompted to verbalize as he points to the pictures. He is able to produce VC and CV syllables and words with the bilabial sounds.
Tucker has made progress in gross motor skills. Tucker is able to mark time using the handrail for 4 steps up at 80% of data. Stand at an active table greater than 10 mints. Tucker walks classroom to classroom independently. He follows the daily routine in the classroom with only some assistance. He is able to find and return activities from the shelves. He attends well at circle time. He plays well with the other kids, only taking things in a playful way.

It goes on and on..... I was excited about it. He wasn't walking at the beginning of school last year now he is stomping, marching, walks up stairs and goes to class by himself...(NO HANDS HELD) He has become very independent this past year. All of the staff just love him and are so amazed after all he has been through and the time that was missed at school due to illness that he is so happy and willing. He has great determination.

My biggest concern with Tucker, at this point and time, is that he learns how to behave and what is expected of him out in the world. He has learned that...he sits at the table with the kids to eat breakfast, he hangs up his coat, puts his stuff away after he plays with it, he gives hugs to those who cry.....I am very proud!!!

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