Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Surgery.....a GOOOOO

Ok, so we are cleared to go to surgery. Doesn't mean that on the day we go that they cant cancel us, because they can. But, at least we get to show up on surgery day this time and go from there. This is the tonsil and adenoid/tubes in ear surgery that we have scheduled and rescheduled since Jan. They will also put some stitches in Tucker's G site to help make it heal faster. We are at 8 weeks now and still we leak...some days like no healing has begun at all. Other days we don't have hardly any. So it will be nice to have it sewn up so we can get that healed and completely better over the 2 months before we go to BOSTON!!!!!

The I Heart Tucker t-shirts are now available in kids sizes. IF you were one of the ones that wanted one you can go over and get them now... . IF you buy one please take a picture and send it to me. I think I am going to put something together for surgery day for Tucker...possibly a banner with all the photos on it. EVEN if you do not buy one, take a picture with your family, holding a sign or whatever you want, and send it to me as well. We can "show" the love on display in Tucker's hospital room while we are in Boston...of all the people who love him. (yes that would be you....our readers, our friends, family and extended families...) You can email them to me at

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Yay for clearance!! Fingers crossed they don't send you home.