Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well we are to be at Mercy at 6am. Surgery is scheduled for 730 am. Tucker is in rare form tonight, kisses all around....and it is the puckering kind, not open mouth. YEAH. He has thrown every shoe down the stairs, all the balls from the ball pit and is now working on whatever else he can find. I hope he wears himself out so he sleeps well. We have to have meds in him by 530am or we cannot give them, so up and at it early.
Please keep us in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully we go without a hitch......get rid of those darn ol tonsils and be healthy for the next few months. This is the finaly step in getting fully prepared for the trip to Boston.

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Pam said...

Thinking of you and praying. Those darn tonsils cause major issues for these kiddos don't they?