Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures.....and Easter revealed

Tucker really enjoyed opening his Easter basket. It had some new books, some wiffle balls, chocolate, and sun glasses in it. Hunters came equiped with fake nails, mirror for her shower, cholocate, water balloons, and all kinds of candy. We went to Grannie Hickmans for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Due to the weather, Tucker hunted his eggs inside.
I tried to get a picture of Hunter and Tucker together, every time Hunter would put her face up to Tucker's he would turn his to the side and swat at the top picture is as good as it got that day.


kimk said...

Of course Hunter cant steal any of Tucker's spotlight!! He is the man!
They both look sweet!

Zachery&Allie*Mommy said...

Thoes pics are adorable!!! He seemed like he was having fun. So what about his surgery?? Isn't it so frustrating! I know I have to get both kids schuled for tonsils out...I'm dreading all of that. Well little miss Allie will have her first day of school tomarrow. I hope that she does well, I don't know how she will act or think. There is still days when I drop Zachery off I want him to know and understand that I will be back and this is a fun time for, I know he really likes school, but I just don't want him to think I dont want him around, I don;t know mixed emotions about it. I know that you understand what I'm trying to say... you just never really know what the little guys are kids dont communicate, so it is really hard to know what they are thinking. Hope all is well Keep me posted about Tucker, by the way the flip flops are cute!!!