Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things that work vs. those that DONT

I have learned a few things in the past few days that I thought you might like to know....just in case anyone is encountering or will encounter this type of thing.

1. I have found, when a mickey button is pulled and the gauze sticks a diaper cut into squares works much better. It pulls the moisture of the leak away and keeps the skin dry. That and some heavy duty diaper du around the site to keep the acid from eating at the belly. (I tried a maxi pad as well, the diaper worked a lot better. ) The only thing is you have to watch the diaper because it starts to break down and all the jell from inside comes out, however, if you cut it right you have two sides that are that way and I just taped them up.

2. Miralax, when taken by mouth, works really well with chocolate milk and ice cream as a shake. I have found that it changes the consistency of yogurt causing my kid, who is texture sensitive, not to take it. The shake he drank right down....but who wouldn't right.

3. Have you ever seen these little water bottles? They come with fluoride added and a top that pulls to open. Tucker does really well with these types of tops. You can open it all the way or just a little. It seems to minimize the spills and he feels like the big kids. ( Doesn't he look like a big kid drinking from his water bottle...hee hee ) I found them on sale at Price chopper and thought we would try them. It will be nice to send to school as well, maybe he will drink more water....cross my fingers.

A few things I have found that DON'T work....

1. Trying to bribe a 3 year old with whatever he would ever want in the world just to sit still while you change is diaper.

2. Saran wrap around the mickey button to take a bath....yeah didn't work, even going all around the body and back to the front, and tucking it under the bandaging. Well I have to admit I have a fish for a son that loves to lay on his belly while he takes his bath and he got on his belly before I could keep him from maybe that is my bad.

3. Asking your 3 year old son, nicely, to please take his medicines.....HEE HEE. Doesn't work.


Cheryl said...

He does look like such a big boy drinking from the water bottle.

Anonymous said...

what a big boy! and I love the haircut!

Pam said...

Okay, you gotta post picts of the cut up diaper for the Mic-key button. It sounds like an awesome idea!!

I have been gone forever, so I am catching up on my reading....I will continue now......