Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OH...where to start

Last week I was talking about our floors in our house....they didn't get done as scheduled. They now think we are responsible to pay for the part of the floor they didn't mess up...YEA. How do you like that. 1800 to fix it and they will give us 400 towards that to fix what they messed up. UGH. You better believe I am going to get other companies in here to bid it and hopefully someone can help!

Yesterday I called our Pediatrician to get something put in the Mercy computers so we could get our mic key button removed. (Last time I was in there they said all I needed was our generals OK) She called me right back and said absolutely go right ahead, she typed her OK. I called general surgery and made an appointment, next Thursday we will be BUTTON FREE!!!!

Yesterday I also called Boston looking for the April schedule, wasn't open yet but would be at days end. Today I get a call. I had asked about scheduling all the tests in March and then going back in April. March would have stretched our days there to almost four by the time they did admitting on one day, testing on the next and a stay over night and come home the day after. Yeah, I don't want to be gone that long. For some reason they are wanting to do a heart cath along with the other two tests so it requires an overnight stay. SOO, that isn't going to work. I asked her to go ahead and schedule us in April for everything at once. She had to call me back but this is what we have so far....in on the 8th, pre op on the 9th, heart cath and tests on the 10th and heart surgery on the 13th of April. Now all of this is contingent on us getting our tonsils out on time this time and that no other illness happens. Tonight,,,,,guess what, he is warmer than normal and is Mr Cling-on!!! I am not going to panic just yet.

So after I talk to Boston I make the email to Miracle Miles and see if they have any miles available for us to fly on, Tucker and myself that is. Tomorrow I will call and reserve us a room in a near by Ronald McDonald house type thing called the Devon House. I hear they fill up fast, the only other option is to stay in a hotel at 100 plus a night. Todd talked about driving up, we havent gotten that far into it yet to figure everything out.

That is where we are at for now. I am exhausted tonight. Between phone calls and faxes on the house warrantee work and hospital stuff and work stuff.....I am just drained. I hate it when someone pushes you to become a not very nice person...but I have learned that no one is going to shove me around. I may not win but I am definately not going to roll over without a fight. (and I am talking our house crap that the builder hasnt taken care of and now he wants to tell me he is going out of business pretty much.....so, naturally I call the land owner (Hunt Midwest) and let them know all the stuff going on) I just might have to post a sign in my yard to the fact "Check out your builder before you buy" or "Like stripes, I have them in my hardwood floors that ---- did". Todd will never let me but boy I would love to.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Man, you've been bombarded again! I hope everything goes well and Tuck doesn't get sick. Izzy is congested and coughing today. It appears we will have to cancel surgery for Friday. I am not happy!! lol, but what can I do.