Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tucker started acting sick last night...and sure enough all during the night as well. Fever and clingy, don't put me down, don't even think about getting out of my sight--feel like crap clingy. So, I took him into my doctor (Mercy didn't have any appointments and I was not going to sit in ER and catch anything else) and sure enough red ears and red throat, water goopy eyes and green nose. Man.....the doc I saw today even said "Why don't they put him on a small dose of maintenance antibiotics until you get the tonsil surgery done". Same darn question I have been asking....the answer, they don't want him to get used to and immune to the antibiotics. I understand this however, we are talking a two week time frame at the most of a low dose.

SO, if you dont like what one says, call another clinic. I will put a call into our ENT tomorrow and see if he wants to do just that. We will be on this ammox for 7-10 days as it is, so why not extend it so we can get the surgery....right ? RIGHT. Sometimes it doesn't take a PHD to figure something out.


Unknown said...

some docs just dont get it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

phooey...i knew it!
hey at least he is on antibiotics now...and i agree...keep him on 'til surgery!