Saturday, January 17, 2009

Surgery...NO GO

After pre-op testing yesterday it has been decided to postpone Tucker's tonsil surgery. He is still coughing a bit and seems to be struggling with yet another cold it is best to wait. It is an elective surgery as it is and to put him in harms way or possibly in a situation that might be counterproductive......canceled.

On a happier note. Todd and I actually got a date on Thursday!!! OMG....we almost didnt know how to act. We went and saw a movie and had some food then did our Walmart trip. Walmart is always expensive it seems, especially with diapers added in there, I was glad that Todd was with me so he could see that I dont splurge when I go but yet it is still expensive. He doesnt like to do the grocery shopping so I do it. I wish I could make a list and waive a wand and there it would be, who wouldnt though right.

I get to go and meet up with one of my friends today as well. Meet for a drink and some chips and salsa. I am very excited. "doing stuff for me" it is a struggle but I am working on it.

Everyone have a great weekend!!!


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I hope that Tucker gets to a point that they can do the surgery.

How fun!!!, to get a date night and then a night with a friend. I understand how hard it is to get "me time." I still struggle with it. I hope that your weekend goes well.

Carey said...

I hope he gets better so you can do the surgery soon! Are you doing it at CMH downtown? I'm thinking they're going to want to do Chelsea's soon, so lead the way Tucker and show us how brave and strong you are okay?!

Oh, and funny story, but Ryan and I went on a date just last night. Can you guess what we did? Movie ... dinner ... and WalMart! ha, how pathetic are we?!!! Oh well, you've gotta make good use of the babysitters!

Anonymous said...

Just not good timing, when it is time, it will happen. Do you see pulomunology? Dr Becker is Wills--he put Will on 02 at night...Dr del Nido was very happy with that. (this was all pre-surgery) but we still need the 02 with colds...airway issue..ugh always something!

UMMM Date?? Dinner Movie Walmart? Without kids??? wow...last July Nick and I went out to dinner, ate quick (and one to say, "dont do that, we are in public!" to) then rushed home. Maybe next July we can actually relax and see the movie...and then the next year fit in a trip to Walmart too...It is the three year plan.