Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another first...

Tucker received his very first invitation to a schoolmates birthday party. Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. How exciting! I even called and RSVP'd tonight, as long as we feel well. I am so bad these days, with faces and names and not being involved because my life is...well BUSY. Not any busier than any other mom/spouse/co-worker/sister/friend...but you know what I mean. I used to be so involved with Hunter and her school stuff. I hope to be able to do that with Tucker as well...so far I have not. We used to live 10 min from Hunters school, so it was very easy for me to leave and return on a longer lunch hour. We now live 30-35 min from my work so leaving on a lunch hour and making it back within 2 hours is almost impossible. And to be very honest all the doctor appointments and other appointments with Tucker take up time away from work as it is...so I can hope that as we get older and stronger the appointments will get less and I can get more involved in the fun stuff. Any of you that know me, it KILLS ME not to be able to have the time or organization anymore to make crafts, be room mom....Supermom. I used to be able to juggle it all and excel at it. I feel like I run with my head cut off most days and am lucky to get time to sit down for a minute before bed.
GOSH...anyway, my point was that I drop Tucker off at school every day and am in such a rush I couldn't tell you the kids names in his class.. and there are only 5 other kids. How bad is that. See that was my advantage with Hunter, I knew all the kids because I did the parties and volunteered for whatever I could. Most times I feel in the dark on what is going on with Tuck. I do IEP's and meet with the teachers and therapist's and all that...but it all runs together, all the clinical mumbo jumbo. OHHHHHH....if I were only rich and could be a volunteer as a living. But don't we all wish that.... I am just whining. Sorry.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

You are a great mom and soon enough you will be filling in all the extra time you can with school and extra activities. How exciting for the birthday party. Tucker ought to love that!