Monday, January 26, 2009

Always something...

First things first. I know a few of you have asked how to make the kool-aid bags. I will try to post some instruction....if i can do it anyone can seriously.

I took Tucker to Mercy this weekend, we have a rash all over our belly. The strep test, intially, has turned out negative but they will continue to culture it out over the next 48 hours. SOOO, today we get up and the Mickey button is deflated and hanging out. SOO, I put water in it, check it and it seems to be working fine. Get him ready for school and as we are getting ready to put on the coat I notice his shirt is wet...button almost empty again. We just put this button in on the 19th of this month. We have had the worst time with buttons and them not leaking or getting a hole in them...this was #2 within a month time that we replaced. (mind you I had just got a bill for the last one we got and it is 661.00 EACH... and we can only get one every 3 months) SOOO, needlesstosay I was off to Mercy downtown at 720 this morning. I cried all the way there, from pure frustration! I took Tucker with me because we have had such a time with the site of the Mic key button and just all around "grossness". They helped me change the button and called wound care again to come and give suggestions. They also put him on a 3 a day dose of antibiotic for MRSA.....didnt do any testing for it but the nurse thought it looked bad enough, along with the rash, to treat. SOOO, at 10am we leave and I go in to do an hours worth of work and head home. He is acting himself but enough small signs to put him on something...which I asked for a week and a half ago.

I also went into our cardiologist office while we were there. Our Dr. wasn't in but Will's was so we talked to her. Explained our situation and she is going to talk to our Dr. and explain exactly what it is we are needing. All I need are two different tests done to clarify the size of Tuckers heart. She was very helpful.

I am home, eating all the chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday..because that is what I do when I am stressed out and at my end. Tucker is folding clothes (his version of it anyway) and watching Jacks Big music show on Noggin. Soon I am hoping he will take a nap and I can read a little and nap as well. Hunter has ball games tonight, this is her last week for games, so I will head out to those tonight. Todd will stay home with Tucker...cause this is what we do...tag team!


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Hope everything is okay and Tucker is better soon.

Unknown said...

I hate doctor's!!! I really hope the tuckman is getting better and up to no good soon!!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

I know how frustrating those darn mickey buttons can be when they come out (and scary at the same time), not to mention the site and the doctors not being able to do anything to fix it. I hope whatever is going on clears up soon and doesn't cause any problems.

By the way...chocolate chip cookies sound too good right now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im so sorry Tucker is sick again, Wish there was a way to give you some emotional relief. I thinking of you and praying for Tucker.
Im glad you talked with Dr Carlson and she listened and was willing to help. Hugs, Kim and Will