Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Check them off my list

I am definitely a list maker and "mark it off" kind of gal. I have had some things, dreaded things on my list that just seem to be put on list after list and never get done. Today I am proud to say that I have marked a few of them off....

1. Fill out paperwork for the Medicaid re-eligibility for Tucker. NO we don't qualify, we make too much money, but Tucker does medically qualify and so we have to keep it current. EVERY year I have to fill out the same form, for which the information has not changed, except our spend down goes up. (we have to pay so much out of pocket before it will ever kick in--we haven't gotten to take advantage of having this yet)

2. Pictures developed. I have had pictures in the camera since our Vegas trip, wanting to get inside a store--any store really--just to hit the buttons to print them on paper. I finally got to Walmart to do just that, with the camera--BONUS--so now I can download off the camera and back up the photos onto CD.

3. Thank you notes....I do not dread these but it seems it has become a thing of the past with me. I hate that has happened too. IF anything I need to show how grateful I am to people for the things they do for us and I have been slacking. SOOO, several went out in the mail today.

4. Last but not least the phone calls to insurance companies! Tucker is double covered. We decided that when we found out at 21 weeks along Tucker would be born with heart defects that double insurance would be a good/much needed thing. It is amazing but the 2ND insurance has not paid anything out of pocket. Why you ask? Well me to. I have called and called, sent EEOB's from the primary showing what they have paid and such. Every time I get something with the same ol verbiage....need proof of bla bla bla. SOOO, thank you to a very nice lady at our 2ND insurance, we got some resolve. I guess Children's Mercy writes off and doesn't send out bills for less than 100.00 to 2ND insurance companies. Not such a good idea if you ask me because we have lots of things right at 100.00 that turn in to thousands of dollars. I was floored. Mercy sends me a statement with these amounts on it, showing we owe it but when you call about it--no biggie, it will be written off. (bonus for us I guess, that saves our life time max on 2ND insurance for when we need it.) I will just start throwing the statements away and not looking at them then.

I got our Christmas cards ordered. I have always wanted to get them done, you know the ones, with the pictures on them...finally. I just hope they turn out OK. I got a cute picture of the 3 older kids this past weekend laying on the ground, the girls laying on Brett. Then one of Tucker off to the side looking up at the camera. I just ordered a few to see if the clarity is OK. If not I guess I will go back to the old fashion way....some of you will be getting those anyway because I didn't order enough of the others. (sorry)

OK so that is all. Tuck is trying to type and wants my attention--IMAGE THAT. hee hee

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