Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baking 2008

To start off, Hunter won her game. She had 4 fouls and didn't play the last quarter but she did great. Has a little problem with running along side someone after they burn her on defense then getting a foul out of it.....she is still learning. She was much more aggressive on offense and made a few plays happen which is great!! They took 4Th place in the tournament.

Saturday was our Family Traditions baking day and we had a house full. Tucker was in rare form and I am glad it was at my house or I would have loaded him up and left wherever we were. He cried all day. Didn't want me to put him down, it wasn't until after the nap that I thought of giving him some Tylenol and it worked wonders. I don't know if maybe his ears were hurting or what.

I started my day at 430 when I put my first batch of sugar cookies in the frig to chill and ran to Walmart for the list of things I needed. I had 4 dozen cookies ready when everyone started to arrive at 930ish. It is always a busy hectic day with everyone kinda doing their thing pulling whoever has a free hand to help with whatever is needed. We have learned through the years some things you bring prepared 1/2 way and finish there --like the sugar cookies, they just needed decorated. I only have one oven and it went all day long. My sister brought an extra microwave for candy melting and making--thank goodness. We ended up with peanut clusters, peanut butter fudge, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, snowman poop, peanut butter balls, cookie dough balls, gingerbread men, and Italian wedding cookie, shortbread cookie, molasses cookies dipped 1/2 in white chocolate, haystacks and I cannot remember what else. My feet were killing me by days end....oh and that was not the end of my day. Hunter had 11 girls over for a Christmas party at 7pm-10pm. We made homemade pizza and listened to them giggle and sing until everyone left. Tuck and I went up to watch signing time at 800 and decided we would cover up, turn the loud fan on and hope we could fall asleep and about 900 we did. I was beat.
Today.....I cleaned the kitchen floor and tried to straighten up. Tuck and I took a nap on the couch while watching a show and it was pretty much a lazy day....very nice I might add.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the cooking was a SUCCESS!!

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

It was fun and thank you for inviting us. Again, I am sorry if Izzy left a mess anywhere. It sounds like it was a long day. Glad you got to turn in early.