Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today we became parents of a 21 year old. Sheena is now of drinking and gambling age. Man how the time has flown. When Todd and I started dating, back in 1997 Sheena was 10 years old. She was sassy and shy all at the same time. There were definitely times when I was the evil step mother and she the ungrateful step daughter….today I love Sheena more than ever. She is such a good sister to Hunter and Tucker. She is growing up to be a responsible, caring and fun young lady. We are very proud of her, going to school full time, working and making the grades.
I called her this morning and sang her Happy Birthday. She called me right back saying she had been up all night answering text messages of well wishes for her Birthday—friends are awesome!!
Happy Birthday Sheena Beena….WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Rachel Dominguez said...

A 21 year old...Wow!

Happy Birthday Sheena!