Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Splish Splash water boy...

Last night daddy and I actually got to give Tucker a bath together. Tag teaming is soooo much easier than trying to do any one task by yourself. Daddy undressed and ran the water while I hunted down the soap and jammies, lotion and diaper. Bubbles and some splashing fun and bath is done....Tucker just loves his bath. He doesn't so much like to be washed these days but soap in the water makes us feel better that at least what doesn't get "washclothed" at least soaks in the soapy water. (I am right...right, soapy water without washcloth means clean still...right?) :)

Tuck isn't his self tonight. I am not sure if he is coming down with something or what. Rosey cheeks are never a good sign. I think I will send him to school tomorrow as long as no fever occurs. However, the spider costume will have to be dealt with on my own. I will send him with his Superman PJs equipped with the cape and call it good for school. I know he will wear them and not pull and fuss about it. The spider would just create havoc for Ms Prell. Less hassle better time....more hassle less easy breezy lemon squeezy..Superman it is. I am sending my camera and asking nicely in the morning if she will take some pics with it...hopefully I will have some to post.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

He looks so tiny in that hug tub! baths are the best!

I hope he's not coming down with something either.

See you Saturday!