Sunday, October 05, 2008

#5 of 31--Getting Down

Today we got down with cooking 101. I had started teaching Hunter to cook some time ago. We started a recipe book for her with instructions and recipes. The only ones that go in the book right now are ones that we have made together and she now knows how to make. Today I taught her Apple dumplings. OH MAN, are they good. I cheated on my diet a little and shared one with Todd tonight, still warm out of the oven-I wish we would have had some ice cream around cause that would have topped it off.

(Fresh Home-Made Apple Dumplings)

We also made homemade pizza, which in my book is the best kind ever. We made some on top of tortilla shells also, which are pretty good and save on some calories. We made jello jigglers too. My grandma used to make them all the time when the grand kids were coming. Hunter loves to make them and the 9x13 pan is almost gone already. I think that is all the kitchen stuff we did today. We tried to finger paint with Tucker, he wanted nothing to do with it. He did however, walk in the grass bare foot. YUP, bare foot. We put the dogs up and let him run while Hunter and I played a little volleyball. (Well I chased the ball and hit it back and then she chased the ball--don't know if you call that volleyball exactly or not. :)

Back to work tomorrow....yeah. Seems the weekends fly by and the work week goes so slow. I guess that is because I jam so much stuff into a weekend. Oh well. Enjoy the pictures. I sure enjoyed showing Hunter how to make dumplings from scratch. I told her if she ever wanted to impress someone, make these.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Oh Yeah, send me that recipe! Those look fabulous! I bet Hunter enjoyed the cooking time with you very much.