Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend review

Well, my luck hasnt changed much, last week was terrible. This weekend the big screen t.v. in the livingroom shot craps, and my brakes on the Honda had to be replaced. Luckily we have a t.v in the bedroom that we moved downstairs and my brother helped with the brakes (Todd was working and they were grinding BAD) I truly hope this next week proves to be better. Todd is working on getting a repairman out to see if the t.v can be fixed, it is 8 years old, so I am guessing it isnt going to be worth fixing but I really hope I am wrong.

I was in Lathrop most of the weekend. I headed up and helped my sister-in-law on Saturday do a sign for her daughters room out of barbed wire--it didnt turn out too bad. She has the cowgirl theme in her room. The brown, mustard yellow and red look so good together. She did a wonderful job with the room. I worked yesterday for 4 hours, stopped and bought the brake pads and headed back up to have my brother help me get them fixed. With the wreck in the front end as well, I wanted him to look at the car since he does body work on cars to make sure I was safe driving it until we could pull the fender out. I am-thank goodness.

Tonight we are going to one of my other brothers house to grill. (Yeah there are 7 of us kids for those who were not aware--big family) I have been cleaning house and setting up Tucker's kitchen set today. I even vacuumed out the Honda, which is my car to drive and haul Tucker back and forth in. It had a bag of fruit loops all over the place, it was time for a vacuum job. It could really use a bath as well, maybe tonight while we are out we can run it through the car wash. I am going to head to Hunters room next while she is gone with her dad and Tucker is napping. She is a slob-I dont know how she can be with me quite the opposite but she is. SOOOO, I will go up and clean and vacuum, change sheets and then she will be all upset at me once again because I did. Teenagers, I just cant do anything right most times. I am tired of seeing the mess though, so maybe she will learn that IF she would do it I WOULDNT HAVE TO. (yeah right)

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