Tuesday, September 30, 2008


When we had Tucker when knew with his heart condition and Down Syndrome that he would require a lot of time and attention. Sometimes, as normal parents do, we second guess ourselves and what we can handle and what we cannot. When our hair is stuck to our heads, our breathe smells of God knows what, and our son is screaming at your feet and has been for an hour……you just want to fly away on a magic carpet; you get those horrible feelings of I cannot do this much longer. I think anyone who is a parent has been there, especially those of us with a kiddo that gets sick easily or has extra needs

I wanted to take a minute to pay tribute to a very special Daddy in my life. That Daddy is Tucker’s dad, Todd. Tucker, as we all know, is a very special boy and along with that comes some very special needs that have to be tended to. It means long nights and long days of tending to, providing for, being patient with a boy that is sometimes not so much fun to deal with. Tuck is sick. When Tuck is sick the stress at our house is over the top, we shrug other duties to tend to his needs, we miss work, we don’t shower….many things. Tucker loves his daddy. Daddy can calm his as well as mommy can, which says a lot about his “daddy” skills. We have had to learn over the past three years that things can wait and that we have to be patient. Both things-very hard to do.

I just wanted to say I love you and you do great with Tucker. Some fathers would have run the other way, not been able or willing to take on our Superman. Not you and for that I am grateful. Thank you for all you do!!!

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Anonymous said...

Todd I would agree youdo a wonderful job with him. I know I haven't been around a lot of Tuck's life but I see you with him and see how it has changed you. Karen, you are a wonderful writer! It has been fun to follow you guys on your blog.