Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost 3 and CRANKEEEEE

That is the understatement of the year right there. Tuck isn't feeling really well. We made a trip to Mercy on Monday, were put on antibiotics and given a treatment for scabies. YEAH, can you say OMG. They are going around at school and we have a suspicious spot on our belly, so they treated us just in case. I told the doctor that we catch everything anyone wants to pass along, which is most everything. I really need to get him well and happy before Monday....not that the weekend is not important because we do have a big bash planned. But....we start school on Monday..full blown, 4 days a week, riding the bus...SCHOOL. The world of IEP's and acceptance and inclusion starts and Todd and I will be a mess.
Open house is tomorrow night. We get to go and take pictures of his classroom and see his teacher. Also tomorrow arrives Grandpa Tucker, Aunt Amy and Grannie. Friday brings in Grandma Lucy, Brett and Sheena. Saturday is the festivities with cupcakes, friends and lots of food. (Let me just say, Tucker is half whining and half crying at my knee as I type, pulling and tugging, not very he needs some happy pills. :)
After this weekend, it is time to work on Buddy Walk donations and getting people signed up. We have a whopping 20.00 so far. So be prepared people, I will be contacting you to walk with us.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tucker!!!

Can't believe he's three already. Seems like just a few months ago we were at your house off Parvin for New Years Eve.

So sorry we can't make it to the party this weekend. We're crazy busy. But let's try to get together sometime in September.

Happy birthday to the little guy!