Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random photos from previous weeks missed...

First one is of Tuck, carrying around the purse. He had it so full this time that he couldn't carry it. He kept falling over. It was so funny-I did get it on film and will down load it later. The middle pic is of Hunter with her new red hair. Doesn't quite look like her does it...she loves it though. The pic on the right is of Tuck, obviously, in his car. He has come to love getting in and out of it saying "by" and something with a "c" sound. I think it is car. He has also mastered the g sound, gr sound and mooooo, like a cow. He signs dirty, cow, water, bath, tree, wind, hat, car, eat, laugh, happy, shoes, sleep, drink, play, friend, bounce, potty, pig, ball, milk, cracker, cookie, dog, cat, owl, mouse, fox, cereal, dry, grass. He actually signed potty tonight and then grunted like he was going #2...which he did do about 2 min. later. I think it is time to get a potty chair and encourage the sit down. He is babbling more and more. Getting more and more sounds out. He blows his nose when asked. He is off the feeding tube for nutrition....YEEEEESSSS!! No food down the tube now just liquid if he doesn't take enough by mouth. He lost 3 oz. over the past two weeks but that is nothing with him doing it on his own. This boy is always, ALWAYS hungry. Today he has eaten 3 yogurts (190 cal. each) and who knows what else....I am not complaining, it is sooo very good to see him do it on his own. Lets see.....I found him on the kitchen table the other day, the chair was left pulled out just enough for him to get all the way up. I heard him knocking a cup on a table and babbling, and there he was. Good thing is when he gets up on something he usually doesn't try to get down, he just makes noise....then if we don't get him it turns into screams. He comes down the stairs all by myself now. He is walking all over the place and is so darn fast. You take him from under your feet and put him in the other room and before you get back to what you were doing he is making his way back into the room.....again I am not complaining. His sleep is still something to be desired. We have at least one wake up and most nights I have to lay with him to get him to sleep but we cant have everything we want right. He is making so much progress in everything that I cannot complain at all. I think I have touched on most of everything new with Tucker.

I enrolled Hunter in school yesterday. She will start out so busy already. Volleyball tryouts are the first week of school. She has been working on her "moves" all night getting ready. (They both want a 6 pack of ab's but don't we all ) Her and her friend, Sara-who is also in the pic up top, have been running or walking for the past 4 days or so. I hope she makes the team. She really enjoys the sport and there isn't too much running... :) Basketball will be after that plus she is the VP of her class and is in Challenge Math this year. I hope she never needs any help from me because I couldn't, good thing Todd is smart at math.

Brett is a Freshmen at State Fair this year. Sheena is a Junior in Warrensburg. Man, how the time has flown by. Soon Sheena will be looking for her first teaching job. Brett isn't sure what he wants to do or be-thought about the Navy and has done some testing for the reserves. He is out on his own and working so his first year will be hectic as well.

As for Todd and I, we are looking forward to Tuck in school and Todd being able to work some day shifts so we can be a family again. This opposite shifts has been great for Tucker and great for us to bond with him individually but it is time to get back to family for SURE!! Tuck will go into Platte City schools on his birthday-Sept 11th, WOW!! I cannot believe he will be 3yo. Anyway, after school gets out he will go to NEEC as he does now-we are not sure how many days. We may just add one more day a week-yet to be decided.

That is about it. Chugging along, working and daily lives. I am in bed before 11 most nights and up around 6. I have read a few books this summer, which I had not done for sometime. It feels good to get back into reading. I have been taking the kids to the library, Tucker even checked out his first book this week. He just HAD to get this book he wouldn't let go of. I think he liked the cover that they put on them that crinkle.

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Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Busy bee! Glad to see an update. The pics are great of course!

I've been reading like a maniac all year. You wouldn't believe how many books I've gone through. Maybe we can swap!

Talk to you soon!