Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby steps

Tuck is growing so much and learning so many things. Some of the "little" things that he is doing are listed below.....
He holds out his feet when you put his socks or pants on him. (he even tries to dress himself, not successful YET....I do mean YET, he will get it soon)
He follows simple requests...go get your book, go get your snack and watch your movie..
He pretend plays a lot anymore...talking on the phone is a big one and going "bye bye".
He comes down the stairs without assistance.
He eats his vitamin instead of us crushing and putting down the tube with all the other meds.
He has tried new foods and is open to try most things once even if you wont get a second bite out of him.
He asks for his bath.
He likes apple juice, finally he will drink something--but it causes a terrible diaper rash.
He carries a cup around with drink..which I do not like but promotes his drinking so GO FOR IT!
He throws a temper tantrum--which is absolutely hilarious to see because he isn't quite sure how to do it. He throws himself on the ground and kicks his feet a little. Something he has learned at preschool.
He has learned to bite....he will grab your finger and try to bite it, if you pull it away he will pull it back. (funny but not so funny when he actually gets the teeth around your finger)
He has learned to unlatch the gate that keeps him on the deck and the dogs off.
He has learned to climb on things...toilets, tables, couches,,,anything he can hike his leg up on.
He has learned to use his pointer finger to push buttons,,ejecting tapes, switching channels, turning things off and on. Fun to him definitely.
I know there are many son is not dumb by any means. It is so great for us to see these ornery things come out of him. He is so hugs and kisses all the time. He has been such a happy boy lately as well. I don't know if it is from being full and just all around feeling better or what but we sure love the smiles and loves he is always dishing out. Don't get me wrong, he has his slaps and bites and unhappy times as well, however the good is outweighing the bad days lately.


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

He seems to be doing so well. I understand how each milestone is so precious and even cute (although some of them can grow old very fast). Kaden gets mad at us and claps his hands together. Ok, so at first I thought it was very cute (still kind of do) but have decided enough is enough and have to tell him no when he does it. But it is things like that, which shows how important it is not to take things for granted. I love your list because it definitely shows that as well.

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Tucker is sure making some great achievements! That is wonderful and I know he will only continue to surprise you.

Yeah on no more tube feeds too!

As for turning things on and off, well Emily just figured out how to turn the tv on and off. She thinks its good but she never does it during a commercial!

Hope you had a good weekend!