Monday, June 09, 2008

So big....and got any pointers????

It is times like these, those special little moments that I smile to myself and say....YESSSS!!! These two photos were taken in the past two days. One, Tucker has managed to get himself up on the kitchen chair and is heading for the top of the table. The other, laying on his tummy, elbows propping him up, kicking his feet behind him watching his new video we just received today in the mail-#7 Leah's Farm. These are the times we have prayed for, the normal run of the mill moments that make you say.....SEE, he is like everyone else!!! He is so persistent in what he wants, and of course, he has learned that when he wants it, he wants it NOW!! Luckily he is easily distracted and can be lead another direction--again that is for now, soon it wont be that way.

We had a nutrition visit today. He lost 4 oz. She is not concerned and says he could lose some more and be OK since last time he gained 1 pound and like 6 oz or something. She is looking at taking away another tube feed next time, even if there is a loss, to promote hunger. He is doing a lot better in way of eating by mouth but still needs improvement. Just think we are ONLY 3- 8oz liquids a day (900 calories)from being TUBE FREE!!!! Of course that is calorie packed, special formulation liquid but none the less, one step closer. His head grew 1/8 inch since Jan...not so good but again she said it is right where he has been charting so no worries. ME? I will ask my pediatrician about it to make sure.

Anyone have some pointers on how to get Tuck to eat? Any good foods that are calorie packed and full of nutrition? Any way to get him to eat veggies? I got him to eat 1 green bean tonight and 6 bites of McDonald's cheeseburger without the bun. He loves yogurt, which is good because he eats a lot of it. Cookies, pretzels, fruit snacks, popcorn, slim jims, yogurt, pears, peaches, teddy grahams, and M&M's are his fav's. Don't see any meat or veggies huh? Yeah, me either. Right now I just want the calories on top of his "mix" of pediasure , meat, veggie and fruit that we give him in that 8 oz liquid I was talking about earlier. SOOOO, please any pointers at all would be greatly appreciated.

IF you don't try to force him to eat, put the food there and let him feed himself, it takes about 1 hour but he does eat. He eats off our plates if we eat something after he has eaten...well sometimes he will. It is just kinda hit or miss. It was suggested we start a regime of eating and snack times. We have one now but we need ONE more snack/meal by mouth. He eats about 6 times a day. Snack time is quicker but 6 x 1 hour to eat is too much time!! I need to get something started anyway because soon school will be starting and our life will be turned upside down with the new times and schedule. I think a schedule will help Tucker know what is next and what to expect when we sit to eat.

Rambling,,,,,I know.


mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

First of all, I am having the same..."see he is just like all of the other kids" moments lately. It is such a great feeling. I am so proud of our big boys.

Next...I wish I could help you with the eating situation, but honestly we need A LOT of help in that area. Kaden will not eat ANYTHING by mouth. Keep working with him and maybe he will get those meats and veggies in!!! Will he eat lunch meat or hotdogs? Just wondering if he would eat the meat if it was cold meat instead of hot??? Just a thought.

Megan said...

Amy is right, it is a great feeling when your little one starts doing things just like the other kids!! Way to go Tucker. He is just too precious!!
Thinking of you always