Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend review.....

Where to start….the weekend was very busy. It started off on Friday with Brett’s graduation. Hunter and Todd rode the Harley down while Tuck and I followed in the truck with all the “stuff” in it. After the 2.5 hour drive Tucker was obviously in no mood to sit during a ceremony. He did not cooperate and I missed the entire thing, trying to keep him quiet out in the hall. After 40 minutes of bouncing him up and down and telling him to be quiet (yeah like that really works) I stomped into the auditorium and got the keys to head back to Grandma’s house with Tucker. Of course, as soon as we hit the house and I threw in Signing times, he was happier, but even more so when I asked if he was hungry. He signed eat right off….he ate yogurt, chips and all kinds of stuff. Bad mommy moment, my son was STARVING! He has not yet learned that he can sign eat to me when he is hungry so I know he is hungry. IF you ask him, then he signs it. And you would have thought I would have caught on when nothing else would please him, he is really not a fussy uncooperative kid. DAH mom—food!!! I am still learning.

Saturday was designated as clean up Grandma’s house day. Todd and Brett worked outside on the yard while I worked inside on wallpapering her kitchen and painting. We don’t seem to have enough time on the quick trips to accomplish much but we got LOTS done this weekend. Todd was off due to graduation so we stayed all weekend and worked. Everything is looking better and in much better shape. Todd power washed her house, mowed, mulched, threw things away, cleaned things out and worked on some railroad ties out front that were leaning badly…. talk about HEAVY!!!! I am very very sore, but it doesn’t take much to make me hurt. Standing on my feet and going up and down a ladder throws me into “ouch don’t touch me “ mode.

Sunday was pretty much the same, however Sheena didn’t have to work so she came and helped clean out cabinets and get the kitchen put back in shape. Tucker whined most of the weekend, just being out of his element. He didn’t eat or sleep good, but who does on a pull out bed…I know I didn’t sleep well either. It was nice to be home last night in our own beds.

My dad is in from Switzerland. He came in, because imagine the timing, my Nephew also graduated this weekend. He stayed the night with us last night; I got to see him for about two hours or so. He is in the states for about a month, so hopefully we will get to spend some more time together before he heads back overseas.

I have lots of pic’s to post…..check back later.


Betsy said...


So nice to hear from you. We miss you guys too. Tucker has gotten so, so big. It's amazing to think that he's the same person as that little guy we spent time with at Children's. Sounds like he's still a fighter though!
We'd love to get together sometime soon. Remind me, what days work best for you?
Email me!

Pam said...

Wow! Sounds like a great weekend, and I can't wait for pictures!!


Pam and Rhett