Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend review...

Today is Hunters birthday and has been very uneventful for her. Her party is this weekend and she received her digital camera yesterday from Todd and I, so it is pretty much just another day here. I think she likes her camera though. It isn't pink like she wanted but blue and takes short video clips. Pretty nice if you ask me, especially for a 13yo.

I scheduled my first official vacation this year, finally!!! My days are slowly dwindling and I was afraid I wouldn't get to have more than a day at a time. We hope to work on the deck and get some camping in. I am not much of a camper but for some reason feel the urge to be one with nature...old age I think. I have called all the kids to let them know and asked them to join us for the week. Everyone will be out of school and it is soon enough after school that summer will not be in full swing.

We are under "construction" here today. The floor guys came in to finish up some warranty work. The hardwood floor in the kitchen had warped once again due to a leak around the door to the outside. (where the deck will soon be) We ended up putting a storm door on it, it dried out and they came to sand, stain and poly them today. It will be an all week process. After they finish the two spots they had to do they will poly the entire floor and buff it so it will match. (we hope it matches anyway) I have shot a picture of Tucker standing in the doorway, yelling, wanting in the kitchen. It really stinks not having a kitchen to go into and do things. Tonight we can, because no poly has been done but tomorrow through the rest of the week we will be off limits up there. I will have to put everything in the basement "pint size frig" for now. I will make all Tuckers blended food tonight so that we wont have to worry about that. I hate being in a mess.

This weekend? HMMM, not much was done. Clean house, laundry, change sheets, same ol same. I did get down to see my mom and visit on Sunday. I love to go to her house, it always smells so good. I remember going to my Grandma Tucker's house and the smell it had. Sometimes I can catch that smell at my moms, then the memories just start....the coo coo clock, the creak in her floor at that certain spot, the little white chair that sat by the fireplace, playing hide and seek in the attic, going there on Sundays and stopping to buy Church's Chicken on the way. I hope my children have memories of their childhood as good as mine are.

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