Monday, March 24, 2008


I have people coming into my home for the babycrazy part on Saturday. Talk about motivation to clean. I had not mopped, yes hold your breathe, for about 2 weeks. YUP, Karen. Me, no mopping? SOOOO, tonight I started in the kitchen and am working my way around the house. I moved some of Tuckers toys around, putting some away and bringing others out so he can learn something new. Touched up on the walls where fingers and scuff marks are. (side note: I am going to have re due it because the paint isn't mixed well enough and the color isn't matching I will have to take it somewhere and have them mix it really good.) Anyway, just stuff that hasn't been done due to busy life and plain and motivation. I started my diet today. I am going to go and join Weight Watchers for the hundredth time. It is the only thing that works for me and makes me cook and eat right for the family as well. I feel as though, if I pay the 12.00 a week, I have to lose and keep on the straight and narrow. Todd wants to be 10-15 pounds lighter by Brett's graduation in May and I would like to be the same if not more so. I want days of pre-Tucker back. When I could run 2 miles without stopping or just walk up and down the stairs without huffing and puffing would be good too. :)
Just a little Tucker tidbit. He is talking all the time now. Sometimes you would swear he is repeating the words you say. He signs a lot now also, no new ones but uses the ones we know at the proper times. He is just so darn cute and touches our hearts every day.
Hunter is getting ready for her play, oh yeah and her 13th birthday! UGH, a teenager!!! She is having an over the hedge birthday party. YUP--she thinks it is way cool. Plates, napkins, table cloth, and invitations.....very hip. Not sure what we are doing yet. She has 24 invitations and seems to think she needs to use each and every one to invite people. I am not so sure about that myself. We will discuss it later, as she always says that means NO. 24 people, what am I going to do to keep my house and sanity intact with 24 teenagers in my home. Besides get more grey hair.
Brett turns 18th this coming month as well. It doesnt seem possible. His basketball team ended up tied for District champs. He is working as a dishwasher at a bbq restuarant and is still throwing around joining the service. Navy, I think. Before long he will be out on his own, getting married and having kids. Man, what a thought.
Sheena is still working at Penneys and going to school full time. She is going to be taking a summer course on the internet. Her little apartment is small but soooo cute. Just right for college students.
Anyway.....that is life here at the Bryants.

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