Monday, March 03, 2008

Just a few notes

Hunter has play practice every night. They have two showings, April 18th and 19th. Everyone will be getting reminders in the mail.
Brett finished up his basketball season and won 2nd in Districts. He and Todd were both sad that it was over, I remember those days. He is talking about enlisting in the Navy Seals.
Sheena, work and school still. She has Spring break coming up and will be turning 21 this year! WOW, how the time has flown.
Tucker is back on 3 tube feeds a day, he lost 11 oz. last nutrition visit so we went back to 3 tube feeds. It is still the blended stuff-meat, fruit, veggies, pediasure, corn starch, nutramigin, oil and water. He ate salad tonight --OMG, I was floored. He didn't want to eat yogurt again so he kept asking for what I had, so--he ate several bites. He signs cow and makes the oooo sound. He signs book all the time and says all done while signing. He is really making some good sounds these days. He has found that throwing things down the stairs is fun...anything he can get his hands on he throws down. He is working on backing down the stairs correctly. He goes down the first two very well but needs help with the others, ensuring he is not going to topple backwards. I tried to measure him tonight again-Todd and I tried last night while he was sound asleep and he was laying cricked-I think it is about 33.25 inches. I think he grew, he sure looks like it. The nutritionist didn't show growth though-he throws such a fit it is hard to get a good measure. I might try again tonight, that and his head. IF we are correct with our measurement he grew about an inch. He is now touching the foot rest on his high chair. He bear crawls everywhere and is pretty quick. He gives bear hugs and kisses on demand.....that is the best thing ever! He is pretty much ready to go to bed now around 930 and if we don't take him up soon enough he has been crashing on the floor....I feel so bad when he does that, like I wasn't listening when he told me he was ready to go to bed. Sometimes I think he signs "sleep" but I don't know for sure. There are so many signs around the face that they are hard to determine.
ANYWAY......that is us in a nutshell.


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

I bet Annie is a great play to put on. That's so exciting that Hunter is in it!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Tucker and Kaden would be a good match at making a cow noise. Kaden says..."mmmmm." I think it is so fun to watch them learn sign. I can't get enough of it. Kaden also loves the Signing Time videos.

Good luck to Hunter with the upcoming play. It must be so excited as a mom to have your little girl in it. Well, thank you for all of your support, it means a lot to us. Take care, Amy