Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Review

Well, nothing exciting. I worked Saturday for a few hours to make up for Friday when I was off with Tucker. When I got home I started in on scalloped potatoes-yeah from scratch- and I had never done them before. Well, it takes 5 pounds of potatoes, peeled and sliced very thin...ugh. When I finally go that put together and had it in the frigerator, I started on some home made rolls and put a dessert in the crock pot. It seems as though I was on my feet all day long. I must say though, dinner was GOOD GOOD GOOD. I have been home since 1030 on Saturday. I was really hoping to get Tucker feeling much better by doing so, I am not sure that worked but it is better than being out with all the germies.
Hunter made some posters for our friends in Mercy that are sick and having major stuff done. I will take them down tomorrow. I feel so sad for these families. We have been there, waiting on better days, praying and not sleeping. I have thought of them all weekend. Little Bella goes for heart surgery tomorrow and Ava has not yet come off the ECMO machine from her surgery-the same surgery Tucker had at 12 days old. Her little heart wont do the work without the machine. Then there is Chelsea, 2 yo and fighting AML Lukemia. She is such a doll baby and quite the fiesty one-you can tell by her eyes. The stories of these families touch my heart and my life. I have much to be thankful for, Tucker is sick but not in the hospital sick...for that I am very grateful.
Today Todd went into work and got stuck doing so. SOOO, after getting pulled out, he was home and we worked on getting the basement cleaned up. I took a before picture--those of you who know me would not believe the shape our basement was in. The basement catches everything though, and no one sees it soooo...not priority. Other than that, I did get the awning up in the bathroom (thank you Aunt Carla for helping) I still need to do a few things to it, I want to make it look old so I have some stain I am going to attempt use to do it. I hope I dont make it look bad and I decide I dont like it and have to take it down--that would be so something I would do.
Anyway, I will leave you with this picture of Tucker getting a piggy back ride from sissy. I tried to post it the other day and it wouldnt work....I have that bug worked out finally.


Megan said...

That is so sweet of Tucker to make posters!!! If you ever get a chance to stop by Mercy, I would love to meet you. We will be here for another two weeks or so!!
Thanks again for all of your prayers and support. Trust me, it helps.

Anonymous said...

Interestinghtr post

Carey said...

looks like we'll be here too. chelsea's not feeling well tonight, i'll be watching her closely. maybe she's just now starting to drop...who knows?! she's got us all stumped. hope to finally meet you!