Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mystery RASH

OK everyone knows that we have been fighting a rash, thought it was the pox some months ago. Well, we got better (still had spots but not extreme) for a while but now we are breaking back out even more again. We dont have a derm appointment until JUNE!!! SO, I am calling on everyone. Have you ever seen anything like this. It looks like little pimples, they get really red around them as they pop out and then they faid but leave a mark afterwards. (The marks are down by the pant line, looking at the picture as it is on the lower right side--purple splotches) No fever, no itching, no different detergent or food. Have you encountered anything remotely like this. I have searched the internet and havent found anything that makes sense. We had blood work done, nothing abnormal there either. SO MOMS......HELP!!! Any suggestions or "could be's".

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