Monday, January 14, 2008

Pox it is!!

I am sorry, lazy and busy weekend all together. Tucker does, unofficially (meaning I did not take him to the doctor) have the POX. He is spotted all over his belly and his arms. Some have dried up and scabbed over, some new ones appear every day. None on his face as of yet. I think he will continue to break out for another 5 days or so. He has been a little fussy but more tired than anything. He has taken quite a few naps during the day and sleeps long hours at night. (the other night it was a 12 hour night-YUP, 12 hours straight) That is a thing that NEVER happens. Anyway, I will try to get some pictures of him but he wont let us pull his shirt up to see his belly, like he is self conscience of it or something. My little modest boy.
He ate really good by mouth last night, I didn’t do any tube feed because he did do so well. I would like to get to that point on at least two feeds during the day, noon and 5pm. That would be wonderful, then just give him the one in the early morning and 10 pm. IF he continues to eat good and take in the calories I think we might be able to do that on this next nutrition visit, which is this Thursday. Think good thoughts.
We celebrating Gabi’s first birthday by doing the balloon release. (Her site is on the left under Gifts of Gabi’s Grace) I need to post those pictures as well. It was so bitter cold, I didn’t get very many pictures.
Sheena was up to visit so I have pictures to post of her also. We sure enjoyed having her up for a few days. She has grown into such a young women….it seems it happened over night.

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