Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nutrition UPDATE

OK, Thursday I took a V day because Todd had training in Brookfield. I was home for the nutritionist visit. Tucker gained another 5 oz. YEA!!!! We are taking away his 5 pm tube feed and making him take a full 300 calories by mouth. He has been eating pretty good by mouth at school so we have backed off the noon tube feed also. Now that we have completely taken away the 5 pm we will make sure to give him all of his noon even if he eats by mouth at that time. Anyway, good news for sure. It seems that he eats all night since we dont have that 5 pm tube feed but that is OK. Oral stem and food by mouth is WAY better than that darn mic key button. I want to get rid of it all together, maybe this is the first step. Enjoy the movie of him eating, rather playing with his food. This is the 2nd time he has tried the chicken sausages and believe it or not he does eat some point.

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