Monday, January 07, 2008

Horse ride

Tucker has finally learned how to ride the horse. He goes front and backwards with it. He likes to get on it to get around the house a little faster and to get cheers for everyone for doing it.

IT is all about positive reinforcement. :) and we do lots of that around here. Lets see, what else has been going on. We restarted his Out of The Box. He has been doing really well with looking at the cards now instead of at us-this is only day 3 but seems much more attentive to what we are doing with the cards than looking at us. (good sign) He stands a lot more and has much better balance. He even tries to take some steps each time he stands. He was taking steps, about 4, in between the coffee table and the couch this weekend. Food is still an issue, some days are good some are bad. He likes to carry around a sippy cup but just to chew on it, well that or put the liquid all over everything by bouncing the mouthpiece on the floor so it leaks. He is my little mess maker..... The nights in the big boy bed are going well. Mom gave me a monitor so we hear every sound now and go to the bed side before too much wake up time. I have been putting him in it for naps now too instead of on the couch. I have actually slept in our bed the past two nights.....YEAH! It sure is nice not getting kicked by Tucker all night that is for sure! Hunter is back to normal, she even played in gym. Tuck has started saying da da more. He has said mama for a while, not sure he knows that is me but none the less I answer to the name each time he says it.

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