Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gabi's Balloon Release

Last weekend we participated in a balloon release for Gabi. I didnt get a lot of pictures but if you get a chance check out their site. It is on the left side of my page here, Gifts of Gabi's Grace. Her family started a charity in her memory. This year they delivered stockings to the kids in the PICU at Mercy for Christmas. Her mom and dad are amazing and have great faith. I find myself thinking of this family often. We, as you all know, were in a position with Tucker and his open heart surgeries that we could have lost him....this family lost their little girl with the surgery. Her little body just couldnt fight could have been us facing the death of our precious son. I am so thankful that we didnt and am in awe of how this family faced and dealt with it. Read their blog if you can.

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