Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

New Year, new start, new resolutions. Every year I make resolutions only to fail most of them. This year I think I will skip it all. I always make one to lose weight and get in shape. This year, maybe I will use reverse psychology and tell myself I am going to gain 30 pounds and watch more TV—maybe that will work. (hee hee)
Resolutions or no resolutions I do want to improve on my family relationships. Hunter seems to get more and more teenage-like and with that comes the attitude. So maybe some one on one time with her would work. And Todd and I, WOW….one of the resolutions from last year was to have date night once a month. WELL, that lasted about 2 months. We have to make time for us; we seem to get lost in the hub bub of daily life more than anyone or anything. I know and believe as long as we, as a couple, are OK then all is OK. Not saying that we are not but boy the days of time together are long gone. I know anyone that has children, especially children who are high maintenance, knows what I am talking about and both of my children are just that HIGH MAINTENANCE.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and whether you make resolutions or not, I hope next year brings you health and good fortune.

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