Friday, November 09, 2007


OK, so my last post got interrupted and not finished. I do have movies to post and pictures-I will post them tonight after Tumble Cheer. Yup, we get to go and play with the Northland Buddies tonight at the gymnastic center. Last year they had all kinds of fun stuff but Tucker was unable to move like he does now. He should have great fun climbing on and over the things they have….oh plus the trampoline. I will take the camera-of course-and try to get some good footage.
Just a little update. Monday we went to KU for the final testing for the Early Communication Study. Tucker was chosen to have services 5 days a week. They will come to us for the therapies. Two days they will go to school and give it to him there, the other 3 days they will come to the house. I am so excited..anything extra to help Tucker is great and to have it at no cost is AWESOME!! I am predicting we will see much improvement in Tucker’s communication skills very quickly.
Hunter is in a competition on Saturday put on by Cerner. “Time to make a deal” is based on suitcases like “deal or no deal” with amounts of money in them. As the teams guess correct answers they get to advance. The subject- “DRUGS”. All kinds, what they are, why they are used, what is the effect of the drug on someone, over the counter, illegal, everything….and she knows quite a bit. In order for her to participate in this she had to win at her schools level, which she did and won $100.00. She could win up to $1000.00 if she wins on Saturday. Actually she will have to divide it among the other two players but still quite a bit of money for someone her age.
Sheena’s birthday is Sunday. We are meeting everyone in Sedalia on Saturday night to have her birthday dinner. She will be 20yo. Man how time has flown. When Todd and I started dating Sheena was in 5th grade. Now she has her own place and going to school to be a teacher…amazing. We are very proud of you Ms. Sheena Lee.

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