Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its been a while

What a 4 day weekend! WOW, it seemed really long this time. I am not sure if it was because Thanksgiving was the first day off or what but I got alot done actually. The family came over for dinner (26 people) and the rest of the weekend was spent at home with Hunter sick and Tucker acting as though he wanted to get sick. We had a nutrition visit on Friday morning and Tucker lost weight again but gained in inches. His head has not grown in over 6 months. (she is not concerned yet but I am) Anyway, we decided to add some stage 2 baby food into his feeding regime. I was not aware that baby food would fit into his tube-it does! So, he is getting 1/2 of a veggie, 1/2 of a fruit and a full meat every day now. That adds about 100 calories a day to his feeding schedule. We are afraid he isn't getting all that he needs, DAH. So, we are going to try this and take away some pediasure adding more and more of the food and less of the milk stuff. I hope it works and we see a difference in his growth. Not to mention, Dana (nutritionist) thinks Tucker has a milk allergy and that is why he is so junky all the time. So, the less milk he gets the better he will get-she thinks. We tried to take him off whole milk once, but we tried to switch it fast, and as we all know Tucker doesn't like change, especially fast change. So, we are going to try this instead of going back to soy milk. ( I really didn't want to take him off milk products if we don't have to-less she thinks will help tremendously) This pour child, experiment after experiment. He seems to be handling it fine so far, his stools are harder so I added some more of his miralax to help with that.
I saw Tucker crawl with his hands and feet the other day. Instead of on his knees -- he is pretty much standing but with his hands on the ground. (I will try to get a video of it so you can see) He is learning to stand up without having anything to hold on to. He stands up and falls down, then does it over and over again. I did get a video of this and will post it later when I have time. I am off to take Hunter to the doctor to get another chest x-ray. She is still wheezing pretty good and is pale as pale can be. Her antibiotics are gone and she still complains that her back hurts. I am home from work, trying to work from home. Todd is out of town on business so that puts me home with the sicky.
I got all my Christmas stuff up. Hunter advised me that it looks like Santa pucked all over the house. HA My job is done then....... It seems it takes longer and longer each year to put things up, maybe because I have too much CRAP!! HMM, ya think. :) Anyway, I like it and it actually looks nice I think. I usually put things up and take them right back down because I don't like the way it looks. I don't like it to look cluttered or just thrown together because you have it and have to have it out. I want it to look like the catalogs and if it doesn't it comes down. NOW, I am not sure it looks like the catalogs but maybe I am just easing up on what I expect of myself and my home. (which is a good thing right)
ANYWAY, I have blabbered long enough. I promise to post pictures tonight when I get back home and into my jammies. I love long weekends, I washed my jammies and put them right back on. I have been in them now for about 4 days....hee hee. Cozy and lazy. Have a great day!!

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